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Project Experience – MTO Highway 404 & Mount Albert Road

Project Name:MTO Highway 404 & Mount Albert Road
Contract:MTO 2008-2014
Location:Mount Albert, Ontario
Client Name:Ministry of Transportation Ontario
Completion Date:October 8, 2009
Project Description:

In preparation for the future extension of Highway 404, the Ministry released this advanced structure. The project required the existing Mount Albert Road to be significantly lowered to go under the new structure. The work included 161,000 cubic metres of earth excavation, 38,000 tonnes of granulars, 10,272 tonnes of clear stone, 1,200 linear metres of rigid pipe, 17,500 square metres of Rip Rap, concrete curbs and sidewalk, poured in place concrete toe wall with decorative face, installation of loop detectors, driving H piles, retapping H piles, concrete barrier walls, pavement markings, various landscaping and utility connections.

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