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Project Experience – MTO Highway 404 Southbound – HOV Lanes

Project Name:MTO Highway 404 Southbound – HOV Lanes
Contract:MTO 2003-2009
Location:Toronto, Ontario
Client Name:Ministry of Transportation Ontario
Completion Date:August 4th, 2006
Project Description:

The Ministry of Transportation's High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes are a new initiative to reduce the number of vehicles on the road by increasing multiple occupancy car pooling. The interchange between Highway 404/Don Valley Parkway and Highway 401 is one of the heaviest traveled interchanges across the country. The HOV tunnel was designed to take motorist traveling southbound on Highway 404, under the DVP overpass and merge with the Westbound collector lanes of Highway 401. The contract also required the addition of one southbound lane as well as major road & bridge realignments. The design of the tunnel consisted of a ridged framed structure with spread footings. The staging of the excavation and shoring was extremely important as all lanes of traffic needed to be maintained throughout the contract, including those above the tunnel. The work included 105,600 cubic metres of earth excavation, 45,600 tonnes of Granular A, 51,700 tonnes of Granular B Type I Modified, 33,900 tonnes of hot mix asphalt, 13,600 square metres of concrete base, 1,400 metres of concrete curb and gutter, 5,000 metres of concrete barrier, 800 metres of asymmetric concrete barrier, 11,400 metres of pipe subdrain, 1,800 metres of various sized rigid pipe sewers, 110 manhole catchbasins and ditch inlets.

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