The Miller Group

Project Experience – Sea to Sky Highway Maintenance

Project Name:Sea to Sky Highway Maintenance
Location:Vancouver, British Columbia
Client Name:British Columbia Ministry of Transportation
Completion Date:Contract Complete in 2030
Project Description:

Miller, together with local partner Capilano Highway Services Limited, formed Miller Capilano Maintenance Corporation (“MCMC”) to provide the operations, maintenance and rehabilitation services for the Sea-to-Sky Highway Improvement Project. MCMC is providing routine summer and winter maintenance of the facility and is responsible for rehabilitating the highway (including pavement, structures, signage, electrical, etc.) over the 25 year concession period. MCMC assumed responsibility for the operation, maintenance and rehabilitation of the highway on execution of the contracts in June 2005. The road is approximately 95km in length and was widened during the construction period, with the addition of some 80km of passing lanes and approximately 40km of median barrier (in four-lane sections). During the construction period Miller, and the contractor Kiewit, had closely coordinated their activities to ensure the safety of the travelling public and the workers The highway is inspected on a daily basis in the summer and at least twice daily in the winter. These inspections confirm highway user safety, identify any defects, prioritize any repairs required, respond to any complaints by users, the Province, the Police or other local authorities, respond to any motor vehicle accidents and evaluate maintenance priorities. On an annual basis, each highway and bridge component is given a detailed inspection to monitor its condition. A Pavement Management System has been put in place to monitor the condition of the asphalt pavements on the Highway, and, along with a Bridge Management System, a complete Asset Management System has been developed for implementation on the highway. These systems will be used to develop rehabilitation strategies to ensure the highway is maintained and rehabilitated to meet the contract operating and handback standards.

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