The Miller Group

Project Experience – Fredericton-Moncton Highway

Project Name:Fredericton-Moncton Highway
Location:Fredericton, New Brunswick
Client Name:New Brunswick Department of Transportation
Completion Date:Fall 2001
Project Description:

The FMH Project comprises detailed design, construction and private financing of a 195km, 4-lane, controlled-access highway between Longs Creek, west of Fredericton, and Magnetic Hill, near Moncton. The Project was carried out by the Maritime Road Development Corporation (“MRDC”), led by Miller Paving, who is also part of the 407 GreenLink Partners, for the New Brunswick Highway Corporation. An extremely challenging environmentally sensitive project was successfully completed with landmark policies and procedures developed by the consortium to attain the highest level of Environmental stature at the time on any project in Canada.

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