The Miller Group

Project Experience – Pickering Ebara Compost Facility

Project Name:Pickering Ebara Compost Facility
Location:Pickering, ON
Client Name:Durham Region
Completion Date:2006
Cost:$10 million
Project Description:

Miller Waste owns and operates the Pickering Compost Facility using the Ebara technology from Japan. Miller Compost holds the rights to this technology in Canada and to date has built four facilities operating this technology. This technology is an in-vessel composting process which consists of a wide bed, agitated, aerobic composting system. The vessel bed is constructed with a layered system of air plenum, concrete slot floor and woodchips built on a concrete foundation base. The vessel has a paddle assembly that traverses the vessel both agitating and aerating the compost in the process. A moisture addition system is also included to ensure that the composting mixture is kept at ideal moisture contents. This helps compensate for variations in the moisture content of the incoming organic waste. As the interior composting process finishes the material is moved to an outside area for final curing and preparation before delivery to end markets. Feedstock is made up of SSO (kitchen food waste – no plastic, no diapers, and no sanitary napkins) and Yard waste is collected separately. See Durham Region website for more details. The entire process is contained within the building envelope held under negative pressure. Air from the process, as well as overall building ventilation air is sent through wet scrubbers prior to being distributed through an Organic Media Biofilter before being released to the environment. The compost produced is sold to soil blenders, landscape contractors for re-vegetating construction sites and for top dressing sports fields and parks and the horticultural and agricultural sectors. Contaminants are removed from the process through manual sorting and screening equipment and delivered to the transfer station on site for disposal to landfill. The Pickering Facility is operated via Municipal SSO contract under the conditions for Design, Build, Own, and Operate. The Facility is located in an Industrial Business Park in Pickering, Ontario.

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