The Miller Group

Project Experience – City of Toronto Material Recovery Facility

Project Name:City of Toronto Material Recovery Facility
Location:Toronto, Ontario
Client Name:City of Toronto
Completion Date:2004
Cost:$5 million
Project Description:

In 1998 Miller designed, built and began operating this 6 tonne/hour (25,000 tonne/year) recyclable container stream processing facility to serve the City of Toronto. As such the facility was designed to be modular and therefore expandable in nature, to a total capacity of 40,000 tonnes/year of recyclable container materials. Thirteen staff, including management, maintenance, material sorters and machine operators operated the facility under Miller's operating tenure. This initial contract was of 4 years in duration, with an initial capital expenditure of $5 million for facility design and implementation. This facility at the time represented a state of the art processing facility upgrade for the City of Toronto, and provided the City with the necessary container stream processing capacity to move into the new millennium.

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