The Miller Group

Project Experience – Hwy 404 n+s

Project Name:Hwy 404 n+s
Client Name:M.T.O.
Project Description:

The summer of 2010 Miller Paving Limited decided to aggressively bid for the right to be the general contractor for the construction of the 404 extension contract. Miller was successful at acquiring the first phase of the project with a bid of 55,000,000$. The first phase consisted of 2,000,000m3 of earth grading, the construction of 2 Bridges, the placing of 6 large precast culverts, the placement of 1,000,000t of Granular material and 8 km of four lane highway to be paved using Concrete. Miller acquired the 2nd phase in May of 2011 with a bid of approx. 32,000,000. The 2nd phase was pretty well a mirror image of the 1st phase with a little less quantity. It consisted only of 800,000 m3 of earth grading, the construction 1 large precast culvert, and the construction of 2 rigid bridge structures that overpass Boag Rd., the placement of 300,000 t of granular material and the paving of 5.3 km of four lane highway also using concrete. The construction of these 2 projects began at Green Lane in the Town of Newmarket and traverses 13.3km to the town of Keswick all the time being built through land designated by the MTO as Greenspace.

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