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Project Experience – TTC Track Allowance Projects

Project Name:TTC Track Allowance Projects
Client Name:Toronto Transit Commission
Project Description:

The Rail and Transit Group within GTA Construction has a long history of successful Track Allowance Replacement Projects. TTC Track Allowances generally run down the center of Arterial Roadways in what used to be referred to as Metropolitan Toronto. They are constructed in 3 lifts, a base, a lift surrounding the ties and a top lift into which the rails are imbedded. Reconstruction of these allowances means a concrete intensive project with lots of traffic interaction and co-ordination with the rail forces. Occasionally the rail service is maintained, as well, for a good deal of the project, adding constraints and complexity. Reecent projects of this type were completed on Lakeshore Avenue and Dundas Street. The Lakeshore project stretches 2km east from Browns Line and features 8700m2 of Track Allowance, while the Dundas project comprised 2000m2 of track allowance between Sterling Road and Howard Park.

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