The Miller Group

Project Experience – Waste Management

Earl Turcott Waste Management Facility Design/Build/Operate
Project Value:$16,000,000.00
Client:The Regionaly Municipality of York
Schedule:October 2007
Location:300 Rodick Road, Markham Ontario

Miller has designed, built and commissioned one of the largest and most advanced waste transfer stations in Canada. At 90,000 square feet, the facility receives and processes the Blue Box, Green Bin and Residual Waste collected from the municipalities of Markham, Richmond Hill and Vaughan within the Regional Municipality of York.More

Clarington Outdoor Windrow Compost Facility
Project Value:$2,500,000.00
Client:The Regional Municipality of Durham
Schedule:August 2007
Location:Clarington, Ontario

Miller opened its second Outdoor Windrow Compost Site in 2007 to process leaf and yard waste and clean wood from the Regional Municipality of Durham.More

Pickering Ebara Compost Facility
Project Value:$10 million
Client:Durham Region
Location:Pickering, ON

Miller Waste owns and operates the Pickering Compost Facility using the Ebara technology from Japan. Miller Compost holds the rights to this technology in Canada and to date has built four facilities operating this technology. This technology is an in-vessel composting process which consists of a wide bed, agitated, aerobic composting system.More

Halifax Regional Municipality Ebara Compost Facility
Project Value:$8 million
Client:Halifax Region
Location:Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Miller designed and built its Halifax Ebara In-vessel composting facility to process the Halifax Regional Municipality's (HRM) residential organic waste. The facility opened in 1999 and Miller is currently operating under a 20 year agreement with HRM.More

Bloomington Outdoor Windrow Compost Facility
Project Value:$1 million
Client:York Region
Location:Richmond Hill, ON

The Bloomington Compost Facility, located on Bloomington Road in Richmond Hill, Ontario, has been in operation since 1990. This facility was originally developed as one of the first open windrow composting facilities in Ontario for the diversion of leaf and yard waste materials generated throughout York RegionMore

York Region Waste Management Centre (WMC)
Project Value:$26 million
Client:York Region
Schedule:June 2005
Location:East Gwillimbury, ON

The facility is a 90,000 tonne per year Material Recovery Facility (MRF) and a waste transfer station. Miller designed and built the facility and is responsibility for the daily operation of the facility under a 15 year operating contract.More

City of Toronto Material Recovery Facility
Project Value:$5 million
Client:City of Toronto
Location:Toronto, Ontario

In 1998 Miller designed, built and began operating this 6 tonne/hour (25,000 tonne/year) recyclable container stream processing facility to serve the City of Toronto. As such the facility was designed to be modular and therefore expandable in nature, to a total capacity of 40,000 tonnes/year of recyclable container materials.More

Pictou County Ebara Compost Facility
Project Value:$1.5 million
Client:Municipality of Pictou County
Location:Pictou County

This facility was developed and constructed by Miller Composting Corporation (MCC) for subsequent ownership and operation by the Pictou County District Planning Commission (PCDPC).More

Ottawa Valley Material Recovery Facility
Project Value:$4.5 million
Client:Ottawa Valley Waste Recovery Centre
Location:Ottawa, Ontario

Miller was the successful proponent to design and build the Material Recovery Facility as part of the Ottawa Valley Waste Recovery Centre.More

Owen Sound Waste Transfer Station
Project Value:$1 million
Client:The City of Owen Sound
Location:Owen Sound, Ontario

Miller designed and built their Owen Sound Transfer Station to meet the growing needs for waste disposal options in Bruce County, Ontario.More

City of London Material Recovery Facility
Contract:Miller Waste Systems
Project Value:$21,000,000
Client:City of London
Schedule:June 2011
Location:London, ON

Miller was the successful proponent to design and build, maintain and operate the Material Recovery Facility for the City of LondonMore